Shidu expansion training

Operation plan
2018/06/04 15:45
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At the end of April 2018, the company launched its training in Shidu, Beijing for 3 days.

We are the construction industry. The leader of the company especially takes into account that most of the employees' daily work is in the construction site. The work is very hard, and the opportunities for face-to-face communication are few, so that the "expansion" is designed. It is hoped that all employees can also promote communication and trust while getting rest.

To expand training, we can get together, communicate and communicate for a long time, improve the understanding between people, and expand the ability of cooperation between people and people. In addition to outward bound training, we also enjoy the scenery of the Dabie Mountains and take part in local characteristics.

Through a few days of "expanding life", most people feel that this expansion is not only relaxed, happy, but also a spiritual "harvest", experience the "team spirit", and increase the intimacy of the team members.

After the expansion of the activities, in the daily work of communication, people's mutual trust has been improved, communication is close, so that the team spirit in the actual work is also gradually reflected.

The effect of the activity is successful and successful.

Thank the company leaders for their consideration of the "expansion" activity arrangement from the staff point of view.