10 new technologies of building industry: steel structure residential application technology

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2018/06/04 15:45
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The design of steel structure residential buildings should aim at integrated residential buildings. The standardization of components and fittings and the stereotype of equipment should be realized according to the principle of modular coordination. With steel structure as the main bearing structure system of housing, the cold bending thin-walled steel structure system should be adopted as the main structure for low density housing. The wall is a wall column and plasterboard, the floor is C type grille plus light plate, and the steel frame, frame support (wall plate), tube structure and steel frame can be selected for the multi and high rise residential structure system. The steel mix combination system, the floor structure should adopt the steel truss floor slab, the cast in place reinforced concrete structure and the assembly integral floor, the wall is the prefabricated light slab or the light mass block. At present, the main direction of the development of steel structure residences is a light steel structure that can be applied to multi-storey steel plate shear walls or mixed with ordinary steel. It can be applied to low and multi-layered steel frame systems based on rectangular concrete-filled special-shaped columns and outer ribs, which can be applied to the combination of steel frame and concrete cylinder in high level. A composite structure or a frame structure supported by steel, as well as a frame - support, frame core tube system and a steel tube bundle shear wall structure system based on square steel tube concrete composite special-shaped column and outer ribbed ring plate node.